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'The Enigma of Gravity'

An insight into the origin and nature of an architectural phenomenon of the universe.

Gravity has puzzled humankind for millenia, it is the strangest of all the known forces in the universe and the most important. Gravity is the driving force behind stellar process and evolution. It holds the universe together.

Puzzled over by the ancient philosophers and Isaac Newton until finally Einstein described it perfectly through mathematics and insight. Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity described the effects of gravity on space and time, what he called space-time. Yet, even today the exact mechanism and nature of gravity still remains a mystery. This book uses classical and modern quantum physics to investigate the fundamental links and causes of gravity and how it affects space and time and provides a Unifying Theory for gravity.


'Black Holes Do Not Exist' Video


'Origins - The Day the Earth was Smashed like a Cup'

EVIDENCE FOR THE BIBLICAL DELUGE and our almost complete destruction and our late origins are presented in this book. Were the first two Pharaohs of ancient Egypt the direct descendants of Noah? Is there an image in ancient Egyptian art of the Ark and its eight occupants? Does biochemical analysis of Fossil fuels provide evidence for the Great Deluge? This book is dedicated to an understanding of our Origins, the universe, our planet Earth, life and civilization. In easy readable essay format it explores the science, myth and legend of Origins. Starting with the Big Bang origins of the universe it examines space, time and the existence and nature of mass, exploring the weird and wonderful world of Einstein’s space-time. Is time constant? How and why did everything come into existence? The existence of life, so peculiar to our world and the early formation of our Earth and the presence of its unexplained vast oceans are investigated, resulting in a surprising conclusion: a ‘Sword of Damocles’ of total destruction hanging over life on Earth. The rise of early civilization, ancient Kings and Pharaohs, gods and Demi-gods are also explained.




'Light Gravity - A Quantum Solution'

A quantum solution where gravity is mediated by light photons of the space vacuum.

A scientific examination of the theory expounded in 'The Enigma of Gravity' where Newton's Gravitational Constant (G) and a new quantum mechanical equation is derived for the force of gravity.


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